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drone view of house gray shingle roof soft green siding on the large house new asphalt shingles on the green siding home

Soft Green Siding Home

family house with beige vinyl siding black shingle roof of the house top view

Black Asphalt Shingle Roof

half brick house with dark shingle roof brick house roof repairment half brick half vinyl siding on the house

Half Brick Half White Vinyl Siding Home

brick luxury home by water close up to gray shingle roof large family home with dormer on the roof top view of house roof and patio

Brick Waterside Home

small house with corrugated metal roof house black metal roofing view

Metal Roof & Vinyl Siding Home

large home with wood siding and metal roof top view of metal roofing home waterside home with green metal roofing

Forest Green Metal Roof Home

shingle gable roof of the house house shingle roof view on top close up to shingle waterside home

Brown Shingle Roof Home

close up to beige vinyl siding and windows new vinyl siding on house red brick home with gray roof

Brick & Beige Vinyl Siding Home

white siding on church close up to black metal roof on church

Metal Roofing Church

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