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Kenneth Daniel Remodeling and Construction roofing professionals will inspect your property and provide the best options on how to move forward with either repairing or replacing your roof. If the leak or shingle damage is storm-related, most likely, a roof insurance claim can be turned into your insurance for the new roof to be covered under your policy.

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The roof is the most important part of your house or business property. It protects the structural integrity of the property & the people within it. This is why professional roof repair or roof replacement should be your 1st priority after a storm causes damage to your roof.

Professional Emergency Roofing


Waiting to get your roof repaired can cause further damage to your property.

Such as:

  • Interior mold and mildew issues:

    Mold can spread throughout the home’s structure, to the HVAC system, and then to the rest of the house through the vents where it can invade carpets, furniture, and even clothing. Mold is difficult to get rid of, and it is rather costly.

  • Compromised structural integrity:

    A damaged roof can cause the structural integrity of your building to become compromised by water intrusion. This can turn into even more expensive repairs to replace wood framing of the building.


Your roof can easily be damaged by storms, such as hurricanes & hail storms. Most insurance companies limit the time frame you can submit a roof insurance claim after your roof has been damaged by a storm. With insurance companies limiting the time you can submit a roof insurance claim, it is best to get a FREE ROOF INSPECTION immediately after a storm passes your area. One of Kenneth Daniel Remodeling and Construction’s roofing professionals will come out to your property, inspect your roof, file your insurance claim on your behalf, and then repair or replace your damaged roof once the claim has been approved.

Cabin roofing job
Roof replacement services


A roof in good condition is a major component of your home or business property value. The value of your property will retain or even increase in value by having your roof repaired or replaced. A roof that is in good condition protects your home or business from the elements of nature, saves energy, helps avoid serious leaks that causes more damage and adds property value.


One Call Can Solve All Of Your Roof Repair Problems

At Kenneth Daniel Remodeling and Construction, we can provide expert roof repair services for any problem you’re experiencing. Typically, if your roof is more than 12-15 years old and you have leaks or other issues, it’s probably time for a roof replacement. If you have a newer roof, our estimator and technicians can perform a comprehensive roof inspection and advise you on the best way to move forward.

Home Roof Repair

If your home roof needs repairs, replacement, or even if you just want to talk to an expert, contact us today for a Free Roof Inspection for your residence.

Commercial Roof Repair

We specialize in Commercial Roof Repair and Replacement. If your business’s roof has been damaged, contact Kenneth Daniel Remodeling and Construction today for a Free Roof Inspection.

The Best Roof Repair Contractors

Our professional roofing contractors are skilled in high quality roof repair services. Our goal is to make your roof repair experience better than what you would ever expect!

Why Choose Kenneth Daniel Remodeling and Construction For Your Roof Repair Services?

Professional Roof Repair Services

From simple roof repairs or maintenance to patching up storm damage, all the way to replacing your whole roof.

Prompt & Efficient Repairs

We’ll perform your roof repair services quickly and efficiently while treating your property with the utmost respect.

Multiple Years Of Experience

Kenneth Daniel Remodeling and Construction has the roofing expertise to identify and remedy your roofing problem.

Our roof repair company can correct issues such as:

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Daryl is the bomb! His crew did and unbelievable job replacing our roof. They were courteous, kind and on timeHighly recommend this team!
Mark Rohrbaugh
Mark Rohrbaugh
Very professional... Cleaned up everything when finished... Work appears to be well done... No complaints
Curtis Miller
Curtis Miller
Awesome team!!! Told me when they were coming. Arrived on time and completed the job!!! Thank you so much!!!
Yolanda Hargrove
Yolanda Hargrove
Roof replacement: Quick response for the roof inspection, and working the claim with my insurance company. Took longer than I expected for my job to be scheduled, however once it started, the work was completed in one day. Cleaned up afterwards. Very professional. Would use again.
Sharon Willis
Sharon Willis
Brian was on top of my roofing project from day one!! He thoroughly explained the financing, the time frame when the work would be started, the materials to be used and whenever I had a question, though at times I had to leave a message, I received an answer in no more than one day later. Didn't bother him when I had questions. The workers went straight to work upon their arrival and did not dilly-dally around. Their clean up was awesome! Thank you Brian👍
Deborah McKevie
Deborah McKevie
WOW!! That says it all what a Great experience! Kenneth Daniel Roofing is absolutely the professional to call for a Roof! The crew worked and didn’t stop till my house and garage roofs were complete, awesome job guys. They handled my estimate/insurance with professionalism and it was a smooth process. I would Highly recommend Kenneth Daniel Roofing to friends and family! Thanks again 🫡
Dave Smith
Dave Smith
They did an amazing job on my roof. Their team was efficient and professional in quoting the project all the way to the day of installation. The quality of work is well done.
Justin Julian
Justin Julian
Very professional. Mr Angel very nice he explained everything what they going to do .Enjoy talking to him . They cleaned up everything on point nothing was left in my yard for me to pick up. Excellent work these guys did. Thank you.
cynthia gilliam
cynthia gilliam
These guys were the hardest working guys and worked diligently under extremely hot weather conditions. This job was completed to perfection and these guys worked nonstop until the job was complete. They were very happy and very friendly. Kenneth Daniel Roofing comes highly recommended.
DeAnna Mathews
DeAnna Mathews
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