Extreme weather can bring real damage to some regions, even in the suburbs. After a storm, you’ll need the best roofing assistance available. Thankfully, storm damage restoration experts can restore your roof to its original condition and protect your property. Unfortunately, storm-affected homeowners work with amateurs thousands of times each year. 

Scams involving roofing are one of the most popular and dangerous types of consumer fraud. They frequently occur in the aftermath of severe storms. When people require quick assistance to make their homes secure, it is critical to be vigilant.

When it comes to dependable craftsmanship, hiring a roofer with experience and credibility is essential. Only a licensed and insured roofing professional is covered by insurance. With the right coverage, the appropriate roofing contractor may assist you in maximizing your insurance claim and getting your money faster. 

Here’s how your roofing contractor can help you get the most out of your insurance claim:

They Have a Claims Department 

Only hire roofing contractors with well-trained, motivated employees who understand how to work with insurance companies and the claims procedure. An experienced claims specialist can simplify confusing insurance jargon and walk you through the steps necessary to meet your insurer’s standards, ensuring that your claim is processed quickly and your roof is restored to the highest possible standard. 

They Offer an Emergency Repair Service 

A broken roof frequently requires quick repair, such as securing and tarping the affected area to avoid further damage from water intrusions. Roofing contractors who deal with insurance claims regularly need to perform quick emergency repairs, since most insurance policies include a clause requiring homeowners to make every reasonable effort to prevent further damage. 

They Provide a Detailed Damage Report and Cost Estimate 

Your chosen roofing contractor should do a comprehensive assessment of your roof to detect both visible and hidden issues. They should also offer a report with thorough descriptions and images of the damage, as well as an estimate for any necessary repairs. If warranted, they should also be ready to indicate a need for major replacements.

They’re Available for the Adjuster’s Inspection

It’s critical to confirm that any roofing contractor you employ is willing to be there during your insurance adjuster’s visit before you hire them. This guarantees that your adjuster’s damage report accurately represents the amount of the damage to your roof. 

They Can Check the Specifics of Your Claim 

You and your roofer should look through the facts of the report once the adjuster has filed it and you’ve received a copy to make sure it’s comprehensive and accurate and that the included repairs all conform with our local building requirements. This aid could save you the trouble of having to file a secondary claim later on. 

They Have Access to Cost-Saving Materials 

Keeping the real expenses of your roof repair to a minimum allows you to make the most of your entire claim amount, especially if you have other home repairs to complete. A roofing contractor creates good connections with vendors over time and leverages bulk purchasing power to reduce material costs. You save more money, and your claim is more successful. 


Storm damage restoration is not something that all roofers are familiar with. Roofers who aren’t used to dealing with substantial roof damage are more likely to make mistakes that result in leaks or other issues later on. 

Don’t settle for less when it comes to storm remediation roofers. The roofer you hire should have a great track record in your area from credible reviews and testimonials.

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